Prime Mortgage Loans works closely with real estate agents in San Diego and throughout all of California to help home buyers make the strongest offer possible, obtain sound financing and close on time… every time!

If you are a San Diego real estate agent, we want to work with you. Our professional staff has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you and your clients. We’ve been in the real estate industry for many years, and are committed to helping agents sell more homes.

Some of the advantages of working with Prime Mortgage Loans are:

  • Take advantage of our pre-approval process so that your clients are pre-qualified before starting their home search
  • Get up-to-date rate information and access to our latest loan programs while your clients shop for new homes
  • Get help promoting your real estate listings and helping buyers make smart purchasing decisions
  • We are committed to helping agents sell more homes, join our network of high-performance real estate agents

At Prime Mortgage our goal is to help the Real Estate agents that we work with grow their business and market their listed properties. Below are the tools that are offered FREE of charge to our partners:

  • Single Property Websites (eProperty Sites)

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